Erawan's Mini fruits (rm25)

( luk chup)
Hand made fruit-shape desserts made of mung-beans paste with natural coloring.
In the old days, Luk Chup were the sweetmeats made for the king of Siam
To have after meals in the palace, now, you can get in Erawan.
Subject to availability
Served 15 pieces

Emerald Delight (rm12)
One of the lost dishes in Thailand
A secret recipe that it’s not even shared by anyone
There are a few who know about this recipe
And we are one of them.
Kaffir lime fruit simmered with syrup for few hours
And served in light syrup to refresh your palate after a heavy meal
During the olden time this dessert is served for the royal family.
Subject to availability

Spices caramelized apple
With Vanilla ice-cream (rm38)
A pan fried green and red apple with butter, sugar, cinnamon,
Black pepper and star anis, served with Vanilla ice cream
Served warm
Subject to availability

Roasted banana (rm20)
Roasted banana topped with varieties of nuts
And dried fruits served with lemon, lime and honey.
One of the healthy desserts

Glutinous rice with Mango (rm38)
The sweet “water lily mango” served with our home made
Steamed glutinous rice with coconut cream,
Topped with roasted mung bean


Moist chocolate cake (rm25)
Home-made Moist Chocolate cake
Served with vanilla ice-cream

Erawan's home made ice cream
Home made ice cream by chef KoRN
With the premium quality ingredients and every step of our ice cream 
is "passionate"
Black Rose
(Secret recipe with Bulgarian rose essence)
limited edition rm25
Sweet Lavender
Berries Sanctuary
Scent of Lemongrass
Aromatic of Siamese Tea
(Thai milk tea) 
(Served one scoop with condiments)

Forever Black Rose with rose's petals jelly
Sweet Lavender with strawberry jam 
Berries Sanctuary with berries jam

Durian platter (rm50)
Home made durian ice cream served with blue glutinous rice
(soaked in butterfly pea flower and seasoned with coconut sauce)
and fresh local durian.
Subject to availability

Mango platter (rm38)
Home made coconut ice cream
(fresh coconut milk blended with pandan leaves)
Served with green pandan glutinous rice
(Soaked in pandan juice and seasoned with coconut cream)
and Thai water lily mango.
Subject to availability

Banana Platter (rm30)
Home made coconut ice cream served with candied banana
Topped with roasted peanuts
Subject to availability

Candied Durian
Our family secret recipe with durian simmered in light syrup
topped with coconut cream
Subject to availability

Candied - cassava (rm12)
Tapioca simmered with syrup until it absorbs and tender
Topped with coconut cream
Subject to availability