The matter of the facts

Why need to book a table in advance?
Erawan: We are a very small restaurant and we only have around 10 tables. But we have more demand than the tables available. Most importantly we do not want to disappoint our customers. We have many customers who travel very far to dine in our restaurant. That is why we do not encourage walk in customers
with exception of some groups.

Why need to pre-order?
Erawan: We had more than 100 dishes in the menu but we only have one chef and few staff to prepare your food in the kitchen and we are concern about the world where there is a shortage of food in some parts of the world. Thats why we don’t  encourage wastage of food.  Its better to let us have your pre-order to help us not to keep unnecessary stock.
- We market our perishables according to what you order.
- The food it fresh and tasty because we cook on the day itself.
- Guarantee what you pre order are available.
- Expedites turnaround in the serving of  our  dishes.
- More choices for customers who have pre ordered through our website menu.

Why need to wait a long time for the food to come out?
Erawan: Our concept is “Cook With Passion"slowly and passionately Chef Korn cooks his food  step by step  with no short cuts.
We serve our food like home cook food, cooking table by table. Thai food is very detailed, with a lots of things that needs to prepare in one dish. Like eg our Paneang beef curry
We need to simmer the beef with coconut milk for 3-6 hours depending how tough is the beef. Between simmering we need to control the heat and check the water level at all time. That  is only preparing the beef

Why we are different?
Erawan: Depending who is the cook?
Cook by Burmese or Bangladesh? Cook by Thai. Which part of Thailand?
In our restaurant the food is cook by our Award winning Thai chef that comes from the capital of Thailand.

What type of quality of food they serve you?
We serve you with the premium grade of ingredients  with the best and freshest of  quality. We don’t serve chicken feet or street road type of food. That why its best we are not compared to others.
 Do you think you can find some of our dishes in other restaurants?
Like: Lotus petals snack, Love letter salad, Chicken with spices curry and more.

Did you know? 
Erawan: For "Thap Thim Krob" we still squeezed coconut milk by hand and still maintain the traditional way by use the scented candle for the coconut milk sauce.

Erawan: Garlic,white onion and sweet potato still craved