Why you need to pre-order?

Why we need you to make reservations and preorder?
What it means to preorder?

Erawan would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding on our special arrangement of making reservations and preordering. We have a few reasons as to why we seek your indulgence and understanding on this ruling when making bookings at our restaurant, they are as follows:

1) Most traditional Thai dishes require a great deal of preparation with regards to the ingredients. It’s no different in Erawan where we place top priority in our preparation of our dishes.

2) We currently have Chef Korn only overseeing and cooking all the main dishes.

3) Pre-order does not mean the dishes are not fresh but freshly cut in preparation minutes before your arrival then it is cooked.

4) Preordering will ensure that the customer will be attended too slightly faster.
Waiting time is shortening slightly.

5) Preordering will guarantee that the dishes that you order will be available during your meals.

6) All our perishables e.g. vegetables, meat, etc are marketed on a daily basis.
We have a very high turnover with minimal stock .This will ensure all our food are fresh and of the highest quality.

7) Preorder means one day in advance notification.

We always ensure the top most in quality control, freshness and authenticity in Thai cooking.
That is our pledge to all our valued customers.